AirCare System - Air and Surface Purifier

Applications :

Odor Abatement / Restrooms/ Washrooms Smoke Removal /Animal Odor Removal/ Care Homes/ Nursing Homes/ Food Storage/ Garbage/ Rubbish Collection/Gymnasiums.

Technical Data :

Input Voltage : 100- 240V Amperage:- 0.16 -0.6 A

Electric Consumption : 16 W

Features :

Wall Plug or Mains Installation, Ceiling or wall Mount Kit, Space Saving Design (13 foot Power Cord (4 Metres)

Eliminate Odors, Smoke and Chemicals, Reduce Bacteria Viruses, Mold and other micro- contaminants, Portable or Fixed Installations, Completely automated and chemical free, maintenance free - requires simple annual UV replacement(s)