Induct X Purification System:- Commercial Induct Air and Surface Purifier

Applications :

HVAC/ Odor Removal/ Biofilm Inhibition/Chemical Reduction/ Garbage /Rubbish Collection / Mold Control/ Smoke Removal

Technical Data :

Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC, Amperage: 0.65- 0.33 A

Electric Consumption : 69.3 W

Features :

LED Lamp Replacement Indicator, LED Lamp Operating Status Indicators/ LED Communication Status Indicator, RS485 Comms Protocol compliant, R22 Compatible Connections, 12V DC Accessory Power Output, Duct Mount Kit

Eliminate Odors, Smoke and Chemicals, Reduce Bacteria Viruses, and mold, Industrial & Commercial applications, Completely automated and chemical free, Can operate as as standalone or integrated solution, Optional HMI touch pad control and monitoring system , Maintenance free- requires simple annual UV lamp replacements (s)