SPD for Low Voltage L 13/ 40 230 ff

Applications :

L 13/40 230t ff is a voltage limiting SPD useful to protect low voltage applications against direct and indirect lightning strikes; Installation in Main Distribution Boards or at the origin of Low Voltage Systems

Technical Data :

Nominal AC Voltage : 230/400 V AC, Max Continuous Operating Voltage : 355 V AC/ 420 V DC, Number of Poles : 1

Impulse discharge current of 13 kA 10/350 μs; Nominal discharge current of 25 kA 8/20 μs;

It is a NFC No Follow Current® SPD because it prevents the circulation of grid follow up currents after operation;

Impluse test classification: class I test and II tests (according to IEC 61643-11 Ed. 1.0 2011 -03); Type ( acc.to CEI EN 61643-11 2012-10 ) : T1 e T2

Features :

Overcurrent protection is not required for Isccr ≤ 4,5 kA rms;

Three coloured levels Status indicator with progressive indication of performance.

The special case allows to match the Pollution Degree 3 (Conductive pollution or dry non conductive pollution that becomes conductive due to condensation occurs. To be found in industrial environment or construction sites (harsh environments).