High Strength
Easy Handling
  • Designed for use on office furniture
  • Smart neon indicator for DC insulation testing without disconnection
  • Recessed earth take-off terminal for safe earth bonding of external surfaces
  • Easy connection with auto-locking and clip foot features
  • Customised solutions with interlinking features
  • Unique tool-release shutter/connector locking
  • Wide range of wiring choices with weldable and re-wireable connector latches
  • Probe-proof closed shutter position for unused outputs
  • Rigid aluminium internal frame for high strength and fixing security
  • High-impact PVC flame-retardant sheath for complete insulation, tactility, aesthetics, and ease of handling
  • High mechanical strength and durability from injection-moulded engineering polycarbonate parts
  • Use 16A ST18 interconnection system and feature a sliding shutter-locking mechanism
  • Derive power feed either from other modules or directly from the mains through rewireable or pre-wired ST18 connectors
  • Link modules using ST18 jumper cords or direct link
  • Remove shutter-feeding module when directly linking the modules