Hawke Transit System Applications

Modular sealing system for the passage of cables and pipes. The purpose of our product is to maintain the integrity of a firewall, bulkhead, or deck through which cables and pipes pass.

MARINE HAWKE TRANSIT SYSTEM — designed to be welded to decks and bulkheads

CIVIL HAWKE TRANSIT SYSTEM — designed to be built into concrete or bolted to walls and floors of buildings

Hawke Transit System applications

EMC Hawke Transit System (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

Essential to ensure the integrity of computer and military communications.

Specially prepared to eliminate stray airborne and cable screen signals/noise, apart from being certified as a fire, water, and gas barrier.

EMC Hawke Transit System

EMC Blocks

Zero halogen, intumescent polymer tolerant blocks and filler blocks coated in a silver-loaded paint to aid with conductivity.

EMC Blocks

Hawke Blank Filler Blocks

Filler blocks are available in the same materials as the tolerant blocks. They are used to fill spaces within the frame that are not required for services, thus allowing spare capacity for future requirements.

Hawke Blank Filler Blocks

Hawke Standard Tolerant Blocks

This enables a wide range of cable or pipe diameters to be accommodated by a compact range of tolerant block sizes.

Hawke Tolerant Blocks have five sealing faces that are displaced by the sealing process. This results in a tolerance of up to 4 mm for cable diameters.

Hawke Standard Tolerant Blocks / Wave Guides

Hawke Trefoil Insert Blocks / Hawke Special Insert Blocks

Hawke Trefoil Insert Blocks: These blocks allow three single phase power cables to be sealed inside of the same cable block. *Available in 90 mm and 120 mm size*

Hawke Special Insert Blocks: When Hawke Transit System Frames are penetrated by services that are shaped anything other than circular, eg busbars, special cables, earthtraps, etc, Special EMC blocks can be manufactured. Please contact our sales department for more information.

Hawke Trefoil Insert Blocks

Hawke Round Transit (HRTO)

Certified for both civil and marine applications.

The HRTO has been designed to be sealed using standard Hawke tolerant blocks. Hawke HRTO effectively seals cables and pipes through a circular aperture.

Hawke HRTO is supplied as an open frame, so that it can be installed after laying the cables or pipes.

Hawke Round Transit (HRTO)

Hawke Round Transit (HRST)

Hawke HRST is a round sealing solution for a single pipe passing through a wall or bulkhead/deck.

Each size of HRST frame can seal a large range of diameters without any onsite modifications.

To seal services from 4 mm to 170 mm of external diameter (standard version). More sizes upon request.

Hawke Round Transit (HRST)